Month Of Healthy Skin-Acne and Blemish Trick!

Everyone gets breakouts and we all want to know the secret to having blemish-free skin. Unfortunately, there really is no cure-all for having perfectly clear skin all the time. Genetics, environment, diet, skin type and personal hygiene all come into play and it’s all different for everyone. Certain techniques are not going to work for everyone either, so for trouble with constant acne or breakouts it’s probably best to go to a dermatologist. Your derm can work with your skin type and find a solution catered to you.

Finding a dermatologist can be really tricky though. I am still having a hard time finding the right one for me. Think about your needs and what you want out of your visits. Are you most concerned with aging and wrinkles? Acne? Sun damage? Or are you looking for a dermatologist who is more holistic and will prescribe natural ways for healing? Are credentials important to you? All these questions are something to think about when looking for the right doctor. Payment and insurance coverage can be extra tricky with dermatologist visits too, so making sure to contact your insurance provider is important as well to find out what they cover, if anything, for dermatology.

For those of you who occasionally get a breakout or two, I found that this little trick can clear it up overnight. You may have heard of aspirin masks and that is just what this is, only I use it as a spot treatment on each blemish.

  • Mix 1 aspirin tablet in 1 teaspoon of witch hazel(or a non-alcholic liquid toner)
  • Apply aspirin mixture to blemish and let sit for 10 minutes, then wipe off with toner
  • Blemish should be less inflamed and diminished by morning

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    Hi Christina, Can you share some of your meal plans?