Month Of Healthy Skin-Dry

If you have dry skin like me, you probably already know it. Some indications are tight feeling skin after washing, visible dryness with flaking or cracked skin, or maybe even itching. Dry skin needs to be taken care of very well to ease some of the symptoms. Good thing is, there are some little things you can do to make a big difference. For one, cleanser. If you are using a face wash that foams or bubbles up a lot when you wash your face, you are probably helping your skin be more dry. Choose a gentle cleanser that doesn’t have the foaming, like a lotion type cleanser. These types of cleansers go on like a lotion and you can wipe it off with a washcloth or rinse. Lotion or gel cleansers don’t foam up so you may feel like your skin is not getting that clean, but it will if you make sure you are wiping off all makeup and taking special care around the eyes, using q-tips to really get everything off. Using a toner after will make sure that every bit of makeup is off. Your skin will feel so great after using this type of cleanser because it actually leaves moisture ont he skin after it is removed, unlike bubbles that rinse away all the good oils your skin needs.

After toning, it’s a good idea to apply a light moisturizer. Dry skin needs to constantly be hydrated. Both inside and out, so don’t forget to be drinking enough water for your body too. Try to hydrate your skin throughout the day with a mineral water misting spray that includes some soothing ingredients like rose water. Dry skin is definitely a pain sometimes, but if you take care of it you should see some improvement.

What are some ways you deal with your dry skin?


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