Month of Healthy Skin-Exercise

You may be thinking “What on earth does exercise have to do with nice skin?” It plays it’s part, trust me. When you exercise, your body mainly benefits but your skin does as well. Regular exercising, such as aerobic exercise, gets the blood circulating in the body and so the skin gets an energizing glow. More importantly though is that regular exercise is part of an all-around healthy lifestyle and a healthy routine is what you need when aiming for healthy skin. Anything that gets the heart rate up and blood pumping, whether it be walking, running, swimming, or Pilates will do wonders for your skin as well as your body. Win-win! Try to get in about 30 minutes a day of blood-pumping exercise to see and feel the results for yourself.

This has been a week full of information about our skin and little ways we can help start the process of getting healthier skin. I have been implementing all of the different topics and I am already starting to see some progress in the texture and quality of my own skin. If you missed any of the posts you can go here for hydration, vitamins, diet, and sugar-all of which impact our skin.

I’m excited to explore ways to protect the skin in the next part of this month of healthy skin. I hope you’ll join me!

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  • Michela Marini

    Hi Christina, Can you share some of your meal plans?