Month Of Healthy Skin-Mishandling Skin

By now I have learned so much when it comes to skin, but there is one tip that I remember learning years ago that I think is just as important as sunscreen, exfoliators, and toner. That is, how you handle your own skin. Tugging, stretching, and rubbing are common in personal hygiene practices and I think it’s just a habit that needs to be broken. For example, when you dry off after a shower, do you rub your skin dry with the towel? If so, you could be helping to prematurely age your skin. Everyday harsh rubbing of the skin can make fine lines appear sooner than they have to. Remember to pat yourself dry to avoid this. Pat dry your face after washing as well. Off topic-the same goes for your hair, patting the hair with a towel will result in less breakage.

When putting on creams or serums, always use soft motions with the fingertips. It’s best to use a makeup sponge to reduce any bacteria from the hands to travel onto freshly cleaned skin. Try to use cotton balls or pads when applying skincare products. It’s what they’re meant for. Toner is best used with the round cotton pads found at any drugstore.

If you use under eye creams, use the ring finger to gently warm up the product on the back of your hand for easier application. This will allow the product to glide on, leaving less chance for pulling the delicate under eye are.

Also remember that when you touch your face you are increasing the chance for breakouts from the excess oil and/or bacteria. The same goes for anything that rubs or touches your skin.


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