Month Of Healthy Skin-Sleep

Sleep is one of the best things you can do for your skin, especially of you are trying to protect it. When we sleep, our body goes to work. It’s pretty well known that our body heals while we sleep, and that is also true for our skin. Our body goes through many changes during slumber; cells multiply due to hormone flux, cortisol and insulin peak(to make collagen) which in turn allows for our skin to literally drink up anything we put on it before bed. So it’s a good idea to put on your healing treatments at night. If you are having issues with your skin, as I am, I would suggest an overnight face mask. Since the skin is very reactive to products while we sleep, this is a perfect way to take advantage of that. Sleep masks are full of vitamins and nutrients that our skin needs to be healthy. The result will be plump, bright, and happy skin when you wake up.

Try an antioxidant serum at night with vitamin C such as this sleeping facial from Korres or this brightening cream from Jurlique. But most importantly, make sure you are getting a full 7-8 hours of sleep per night to insure that your body goes through the different sleep cycles that are necessary for healing in the first place. These products aren’t meant to be a sleep substitute and will only help in the appearance of healthy skin if coupled with a good night’s rest.

Sweet Dreams!

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