Month of Healthy Skin-Sweet Tooth

Let’s talk about sugar. Sugar is awesome. I love it. But too much can actually have an effect on your skin. Believe it or not, too much sugar can contribute to an overall dull-looking complexion. So, what happens in the body when we eat sugar?

Blood sugar spikes when we eat sweet things and this chemical reaction inside the body causes some organs, including the skin, to get inflamed. Inflammation is something we are trying to avoid for having healthier skin so limiting sugar will help you see less redness in the skin. Sugar is sneaky though and is found in things you wouldn’t think would have much sugar at all, and beverages are notorious for hiding large amounts of sugar. Some foods to avoid are fuit juices(not including fresh juiced green juices), flavored yogurts, protein bars, Crasins or other dried fruits. These “healthy” foods pack a sweet punch when it comes to how healthy they are suppose to be. Just read nutrition facts on the things you eat. Really, anything that has over 15g of sugar in it should be considered dessert.

Reducing sugar from your diet will reduce inflammation, which is what we want for getting closer to having healthier skin. Cutting back on sweets is not a bad idea anyway, for many other reasons including managing weight.

Just for laughs, a Jamba Juice Aloha Pineapple smoothie (largest size) packs a whopping 127 grams of sugar! While my favorite Dunkin Donut, the Bavarian Kreme comes to a grand total of 9 grams of sugar. I’m not saying you should go eat 10 bavarian kremes, but just be aware of beverages. People, don’t drink sugar…please. Now go grab some kale!




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    Hi Christina, Can you share some of your meal plans?