Hair Density

Influences of the media on how hair should be are everywhere, there’s no question about that. Hair should be thick,voluminous, bouncy, shiny, and sexy. So what happens if you don’t have any one of those things? It’s so easy to compare ourselves to the models in magazines or on TV and think that we just don’t measure up but it’s important to remember that everyone has a different set of genes. Those genes determine the thickness of our hair as well as what this post is all about today, density. Density, in this case, is basically the number of hairs on the head. There are a set number of follicles of hair on our scalp that we cannot change. There may be things we can do though to make sure that every hair that comes out of that follicle is at its best. But! That is a difference post. This is about finding our hair density.

Figuring out your exact hair density is a little more complicated than finding your type and texture. The interesting, and sometimes confusing thing about figuring out the density of your hair is that two people can have the same hair texture but totally different densities. For example, I have fine hair with low density but my friend has fine hair and high density. Basically we have the same texture (fine) but she has a whole lot more hairs on her head than I do. If you really want to get technical, you can measure off a square inch of hair on your scalp, and count the number of hairs within that square inch. I know I’m not doing that! I already know that I have low density hair buy the way my hair behaves. There are some characteristics of low and heavy density hairs though:

Low density hair (thin hair):

-When you part your hair, there is much scalp showing

-Scalp shows through when wearing certain up-do hairstyles


High density hair (thick hair):

-Your parted hair doesn’t show much scalp through

-Your ponytail is 4 or more inches in circumference

So whether you have low or high density hair, remember that there is nothing we can do to alter how many hairs we have. We were born with all the follicles we will ever have and as much as I would love to grow more follicles myself, I know that all I can do is make sure I am treating my scalp the best I can to make sure each hair out of that follicle is healthy.

So, what’s the verdict, do you have low or high density hair? And do you love it or wish you could change it?




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