Ok, so you may be wondering what sleep has to do with haircare, but what I mean here is how you have your hair when you are sleeping. Are you a bun on top of the head person? Do you put it in a ponytail? Or maybe you wear some kind of curlers in your hair at night. There’s really nothing too damaging about any of these ways. The main thing here is if you go to bed with wet hair or not. Remember, hair is most fragile when it’s wet so anytime you wrap it up in a ponytail when it’s wet, you may be causing breakage.

What about just keeping your hair down when sleeping? Again, the question to ask here is if it is wet. If you shower before bed then try to at least let it air dry until it’s almost completely dry (about 75%). And if you wear it up try not to use elastic bands or anything that will cause breakage when you take it down. Use scrunchies instead. They are way less harsh on your hair. For me, the least damaging way to wear my hair is in a braid at night.

If you don’t shower before bed and have dry hair when your head hits the pillow, then you have a little more flexibility when it comes to tying it up. I still think that braids are the best way to sleep but as long as you are using scrunchies when you tie it up, you shouldn’t have to deal with breakage when you take your hair down. Or better yet, these little guys. They work really well and just slide right out of your hair when you take it down.

I also use these scrunchies. They’re the less obnoxious version of the ones I used to wear in middle school and look cute on the wrist. I really like the knit texture too. These work really well with my fine hair. If you have thicker hair, maybe try a size up.


So here’s to sweet dreams and happy hair in the morning!

How do you sleep in your hair?

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