I’m really looking forward to seeing how my skin is going to improve even more this week by taking the time to start protecting it. I want to start out by exploring the world around us; the everyday elements our skin is exposed to. I especially want to focus on our face, since it’s the... Continue reading


You may be thinking “What on earth does exercise have to do with nice skin?” It plays it’s part, trust me. When you exercise, your body mainly benefits but your skin does as well. Regular exercising, such as aerobic exercise, gets the blood circulating in the body and so the skin gets an energizing glow. More importantly though... Continue reading


Let’s talk about sugar. Sugar is awesome. I love it. But too much can actually have an effect on your skin. Believe it or not, too much sugar can contribute to an overall dull-looking complexion. So, what happens in the body when we eat sugar? Blood sugar spikes when we eat sweet things and this... Continue reading


It’s true what they say; you are what you eat. In our case, what your skin is. You may understand by now that the things you eat play a big role in your complexion. Here are some foods to remember when aiming for better and healthier skin. Nuts– Provide a large amount of anti-inflammatory properties. I’m... Continue reading


I was so proud of myself yesterday for drinking a full 64 ounces of water! I hope you were successful as well. Today I am going to be going over some key vitamins and supplements you can take for healthy skin. Sometimes we can’t get all the nutrients from the food we eat so we... Continue reading

When it comes to having healthy skin, proper hydration is the most important factor in my opinion. Since water makes up a large percentage of our body, we should really be drinking more of it. The amount of water an individual needs in a day is really dependent upon how much they weigh. Just divide your weight... Continue reading


Recently I have noticed some interesting things with my skin. Since moving, I noticed for one, my skin is very dry. But also, even more recently in the last month I noticed some strange new redness that resembles rosacea. That got me to thinking about my skin in general and how I don’t really protect... Continue reading


I have grown to love coconut oil. Known primarily for it’s cooking purposes, this high-heat tolerant oil wears many hats. Although there is much controversy over this oil, particularly with the fact that it does contain a high amount of saturated fat, I still continue to use coconut oil. Mainly, because its saturated fat doesn’t... Continue reading

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