Ombré Toesies, French Style!

With the ombré hair trend currently fading away, I realized I missed that boat. Not that I actually thought about ever coloring my hair or anything….Because that would just be too drastic for me <insert serious face>

Anyway, I found myself wanting to somehow incorporate the look in a less-threatening way so I decided to try one of the newer nail trends for myself! Results are, I love it! I added a French tip because I think it looks flattering on toes. You just need 5 colors in the same color family. I have a lot of pink right now so that’s what I used. Don’t forget! This can be done on the fingers as well!

Will you be trying the ombré trend for nails? Leave me a comment and a picture if you do!


  • 5 Colors of nail polish in the same family. Yellows and nudes/tans would be great for summer!
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Skinny brush (for the French tip) or French manicure tape

1. Arrange your polishes in order from darkest (big toe) to lightest (baby toe). You may need to swatch the colors first, as some polishes will come out as a different tone from what the bottle shows.

2. Prep toenail and file if needed. Paint on base coat.

3. Paint the darkest shade on your 2 big toes and work your way down with each toe and color.

4. You can put on a top coat at this point if you don’t want the french tip part

5. For french tip you will use the same color polishes but it will vary depending on your colors. For example, your darkest color will need the lightest color tip so it will show up. Have fun and send me your ombré nail pics!



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