Japan Has the Cutest Baby Stuff

It’s time to get serious. Our “babymoon” is over and there are 2 months before this little guy makes his debut and I have a LOT to do. I’m trying not to get overwhelmed but I have a lot on my plate for these next two months. There is research to be done on a stroller, carseat, rocker, and other baby gear that I’m not even thinking of. I haven’t even started a registry, I don’t even know if I’m having a baby shower, and my house is still very, very unorganized.

Maybe I should focus on the positive…

We have a car now, we chose a crib (it actually just arrived), I feel good, I have energy, I live in San Francisco. I live in San Francisco. Ahhh…that’s better.

It’s so good to be home. I love Japan, but it was not much of a relaxing “babymoon” that I was anticipating. It was, instead, full of walking and sore feet, rushing around from city to city to meet friends, way too much squatting, and one too many running dashes to catch a train. However, I WENT TO JAPAN. While pregnant at that. I ate amazing sushi, saw incredible views of the Tokyo skyline including Mt. Fuji from my window, got my nails adorned Tokyo-style in Shibuya, and went to a cate cafe where you pay to sit and pet cats while sipping rose tea. It was pretty awesome all in all when I sit to think about it. It was an experience. Maybe not a relaxing one, but an experience nonetheless.

I was able to get some shopping done too for the boy. Just a few cute things that I saw here and there, nothing that he actually needs like diapers or white onesies but that stuff’s boring. I was in Japan and I was determined to find the cutest outfits. There were some wildly stylish things for toddler sized boys in the clothing departments but I couldn’t fathom holding onto a pair of Japanese raw baby denim for two years…so I chose to get a couple cute-patterned playsuits that he could wear in the next 6 months. Here are some snapshots of the haul. I put some links on where to buy the things that are available to people in the US, but of course, I did buy them in Japan so not everything is available online! I did recommend some suggestions though so check out the links!




4.IMG_2432 IMG_2436 IMG_2438

5.IMG_2439 IMG_2441 IMG_2442

6.IMG_2443 IMG_2446


8.IMG_2450 IMG_2452

1. COMME CA ISM baby bibs

2. COMME CA ISM camera bib

3. Totoro and Friends plushies-We got these exclusively from the Ghibli Museum in Japan. They may be tricky to find here in the states.

4. Baby Ampersand whales playsuit

5. Blue stripe playsuit. Similar here and here

6. Kimono style onesie- from a department store in Japan. Similar here, here, and here

7. Guri and Gura  The Giant Egg picture book

8. Wood Morning wooden rolling elephant. Handcrafted one of a kind piece from a local Japanese artisan. Similar here, here, here

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  • Veselina

    I know you have been quite some time ago in this situation, but I am now!! And have been amazed to read your statements on the nausea, because I also find the same general information that you have found, e.g. morning sickness and diziness, but never as what I experience – a whole day long comings and goings..
    Excuse me so much, I did not present myself! My name is Veselina Pekala! I would love to contact you, as I am a mother-to-be in abroad and I actually know noone here, since we moved 3 months ago! I find great deal of similarities between you and me and I am so happy I found you! Looking at your videos and pictures, not only about pregnancy, but all the essence of your simple and gorgeous website, makes me experience some kind of calmness, so.. I know it is late for my nausea-compation, but you have it and I also wanted to add thank you! Just for this thiny web-space of calmness, colour and sunlight :)))))