Everyone gets breakouts and we all want to know the secret to having blemish-free skin. Unfortunately, there really is no cure-all for having perfectly clear skin all the time. Genetics, environment, diet, skin type and personal hygiene all come into play and it’s all different for everyone. Certain techniques are not going to work for everyone either,... Continue reading


Oily skin can be a problem for many reasons but one major is that excess oil makes more breakouts. Combination skin tends to be oily only in the T-zone. This is because there is more concentration of oil glands on the forehead than on the cheeks. Water glands, on the other hand are all over... Continue reading


If you have dry skin like me, you probably already know it. Some indications are tight feeling skin after washing, visible dryness with flaking or cracked skin, or maybe even itching. Dry skin needs to be taken care of very well to ease some of the symptoms. Good thing is, there are some little things... Continue reading

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We are half way through the Month of Healthy Skin segment! I have seen some really good changes in my skin since day one. In my skincare routine I am now using a gentle cleanser first, toner, sunscreen, and a vitamin C antioxidant serum at night. My skin has just about healed itself of the... Continue reading


When skin is lacking in moisture it tends to have a dull-looking appearance. Dry skin tends to get worse in the winter, but it can also vary depending on where you live and the climate you are in. Extreme heat in the summer can even cause skin to get tight and dry. Regardless of skin... Continue reading


By now I have learned so much when it comes to skin, but there is one tip that I remember learning years ago that I think is just as important as sunscreen, exfoliators, and toner. That is, how you handle your own skin. Tugging, stretching, and rubbing are common in personal hygiene practices and I... Continue reading


If you don’t already have a skincare routine, now is a good time to start. Having a regular routine helps your skin to better adjust to the active ingredients in the products you will be using. Here is a general skincare routine that seems to work for people. Morning Cleanse-Choose a mild facial cleanser according... Continue reading


Exfoliation is probably my favorite step in my skincare regimen. Mainly because I love seeing the results! Contrary to popular belief, you should be exfoliating EVERY DAY. Dead skin cells accumulate daily and need to be removed daily. Exfoliating has a number of benefits. Since exfoliation means “to remove in flakes or scales” you can look... Continue reading


Sleep is one of the best things you can do for your skin, especially of you are trying to protect it. When we sleep, our body goes to work. It’s pretty well known that our body heals while we sleep, and that is also true for our skin. Our body goes through many changes during... Continue reading


In my search for the right sunscreen for summer, I came across some surprising facts that I feel are not commonly known amongst the public. First of all, sunscreen should be worn everyday, regardless of the season or if the sun is even out. UV rays can still penetrate through the clouds if the sun... Continue reading

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