Fishtail. Rope. Milkmaid; these are just a few different types of braids that I love. So pretty, so simple, and so easy to dress up (or down). Now that it’s summertime, braids are going to be my best friend. Ok, so maybe I was already best friends with them in the first place! What can... Continue reading


Green monster alert! It’s just natural to act reptilian when wearing a green face mask, right? But this mask won’t leave your skin feeling lizardly, thank goodness. Once a week I try to give myself an “at home spa day” or at least that’s what I call it whenever I do a facial. A bubble... Continue reading


I don’t know about you, but I’m SO READY for Spring. Soft sunshine, spring dresses, the wonderful smell of every blooming flower…it just makes me happy. My skin wants to be happy too and needs exfoliation from being hidden by layers of clothing during winter. This scrub is so easy; there’s really no need to... Continue reading


With the ombré hair trend currently fading away, I realized I missed that boat. Not that I actually thought about ever coloring my hair or anything….Because that would just be too drastic for me <insert serious face> Anyway, I found myself wanting to somehow incorporate the look in a less-threatening way so I decided to... Continue reading

Micro Bead Hands Crossed

Next time you have a fancy-shmancy get together or you just want to feel extra glamorous, try this easy manicure. One finger adds interest but you can get all Gaga and do all ten for that wow factor. You will need: Micro beads-Can be found at Michael’s or other craft stores Nail polish Nail glue Base coat... Continue reading

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