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Hello and welcome to Play At Home Wife! My name is Christina Reed and I am a stay at home wife. This blog is dedicated to all my passions and hobbies. From pillow cases to pastries, I have fun creating and re-creating. There’s something here for everyone.

My Background

In May of 2004, I married my soul mate and adapted quite well to being a housewife, though I was working at the time as well. We have lived in Virginia, Japan, San Francisco and now have taken root in Oakland, California. It’s the skills and insight that I have from each of these places that I plan on sharing here. My mom is to thank for teaching me how to cook, clean, and sew at a very young age. It has grown into what are now my three main passions. Through the years I have always enjoyed doing various domestic tasks and now have the opportunity, thanks to my handsome husband, to stay at home and really be able to enjoy them. And now, we have a wee one to discover these new things with so let the fun begin!


I find inspiration for my posts by just being in this great state of California. There are so many different cultures and cuisines that I get excited about here. I have always loved making things when I either didn’t have access to get, or just wanted. Do it yourself projects are something that I am constantly working on.

Connect With Me

I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to ask questions. I can be found on TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Click around and have fun! And be sure to check back often for new goodies. Don’t be a stranger, let’s connect!

Business inquiries: playathomewife@gmail.com

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