Just in case you haven’t noticed, I like to cook. I also love planning. I love knowing that I am the one who needs to provide meals for my family so I take it to heart and really strive to feed us as well as I can. Meal planning has become a fun thing for me... Continue reading


You’ve heard it said “You are what you eat.” But is it really true? As far as health goes, it’s pretty obvious that diet is a huge part of how physically fit one is. But does food really play that much of a part when it comes to our hair? The short answer is yes.... Continue reading


It’s been a year since I did my Month of Healthy Skin special segment and my was it an eye-opener! I learned so much about skin and was even able to clear up some weird acne I had going on. I learned that a regular, everyday routine was key to keeping my skin healthy and... Continue reading


I don’t know about you but there comes a certain time every day that I just really need a snack. I actually schedule in snacks throughout the day to keep me from overeating at meals. I welcome snacking into my health routine so long as my snacks don’t contain sugar or anything processed. So here... Continue reading


Green smoothies are so underrated. You’d think that putting vegetables in a smoothie would not be the most appetizing but it’s actually really tasty. By using fresh spinach or other mild flavored veggies you can easily mask the flavor if you are not a huge vegetable fan. The best vegetables to use in smoothies are... Continue reading


During my Month Of Healthy Skin, I learned so many things about skin heath, products, and general skincare routines that I really feel like I have this new found sense of achievement. When you learn about something to the point of being able to help others, it’s a great feeling. I hope the last month... Continue reading


Face masks are great for the skin, especially if you have problem areas or concerns. There are some fruits and vegetables that are great for not only our health but the health of our skin. Let’s look at the wonderful benefits of different face masks. Dry Skin- Any face mask you can find with oatmeal... Continue reading


Now that we’ve covered concealer, let’s move onto another one of my favorite makeup products, eye brighteners! There are many ways to get the wide-eyed look and now that we know how to conceal dark circles, illuminating the whole eye area will be a piece of cake. After concealing and putting on all eye makeup,... Continue reading

I found this great little recipe for a DIY body wash from I changed a couple things but it turned out to be a great body wash. Since we wash our bodies every day, having a body wash full of natural ingredients will be good if you are having skin issues.  I found this... Continue reading


Sometimes our hands and soap or a washcloth just don’t cut it. Sometimes we need something that will go a little deeper into the pores to clean them out, especially if you are prone to breakouts. I’ve had the joy of using the Clarisonic and I am really enjoying it. What it is It’s basically... Continue reading

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