Cat eye

Everyone has been rocking the cat-eye and I love how everyone has their own signature wing. When just starting out though, it can be intimidating. I remember starting out with just regular pencil eyeliner and smudging it with a brush, flaring up the ends with a flick of the brush (we all learn somehow). Then I met... Continue reading


As my Month Of Healthy Skin segment comes to a close, I wanted to reflect for a moment on all I have learned about the largest organ of the body, our skin. As I think back to the very first week of this journey, I remember all the things I never even thought of doing... Continue reading


BB creams are all the rage in the makeup world right now. When I lived in Japan, I would walk through the mall to all the different cosmetics counters and see these creams and wasn’t quite sure what they were but the models always had beautiful, radiant, glowing skin. If you have combination skin then... Continue reading


Yesterday I introduced a few different types of concealers for different skin types. Today I want to go in further detail on how to use them and which are best for each issue you may have. There is not one perfect concealer, you will most likely need a few different ones depending on how many... Continue reading


I can hardly believe that this is the last week of my month of healthy skin journey. It went by so fast and I feel like my skin has seen some good improvements. By now you should know your skin type and hopefully have a skin routine for cleansing. If you had some problems with... Continue reading


Parties, papers, and all-nighters! Oh My! We’ve all been here, haven’t we. Late nights may lead to not-so-bright mornings, and nobody likes hearing that they look tired. While coffee is usually the fix of choice, there is also a quick and easy trick for the ladies (sorry guys). White eyeliner is a life saver when... Continue reading

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