Lions and tigers and strollers, oh my! Going to the zoo is a part of every parent’s life at some point or another and it was our turn. Clear skies, cool breezes, and tame animals filled our day as we walked through the Oakland zoo with Granna and Pop. Amused by all the animals, Nic... Continue reading


To all my plant-lovers out there! Lately I’ve been a little obsessed with plants. If it has leaves and it’s green, chances are I want it in my house. Since moving to a much sunnier place I have been trying to bring in more plants because I really love them and I love the way... Continue reading


Hey Hey! So I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart stomach.  FOOD. I love food. Re-phrase: I love good food. Food that makes me feel good and food that makes me happy. Don’t we all! So lately I have been cooking A LOT. We’re talking pretty much double what I was... Continue reading

loose waves

Easy, quick, effortless. Three words we all want when it comes to our hair, am I right? Whether you are too busy, too tired, or too lazy (let’s just be honest) I feel like this hairstyle meets any of those. Loose waves seem to be on the heads of everyone these days, both on long... Continue reading


Just in case you haven’t noticed, I like to cook. I also love planning. I love knowing that I am the one who needs to provide meals for my family so I take it to heart and really strive to feed us as well as I can. Meal planning has become a fun thing for me... Continue reading

Messy Hair Don't Care

It’s kind of been my state of mind in general lately. Not that I’ve completely let go of appearances, but I have definitely fallen into the mom trap of putting yourself very last. Days go by where I don’t brush my hair at all. There have just been so many other more important things on... Continue reading


“It gets easier.” That’s what we were told in the beginning, after bringing home Nicholas. That is what we keep hearing as sleep continues to be rough. But looking back on the past two month’s it really HAS gotten better with each week. Everyday we catch up a little more on sleep, some days less... Continue reading


Six weeks! I feel like six weeks is a milestone marker because we are now halfway to three months! We keep saying how we can’t wait for his three month birthday because of many different things we’re looking forward to; head control (for playing airplane), longer sleep periods, and at three months we can begin to... Continue reading


Getting older is hard, especially when you just entered the world only 5 weeks ago. But, this week has been really good! Nic has had a couple new “firsts” this week and it’s been exciting to see him do new things. Matt and I have learned even more about Nic and realized that we can... Continue reading


Has it really been a month already?? I’m pretty sure I entered some kind of time warp or something because it really doesn’t feel like my baby is one month old! This week has yet again been full of new changes and adjustments for us Reeds. Nic has been growing still and learning more and... Continue reading

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