One Month Postpartum

Has it really been a month already??

I’m pretty sure I entered some kind of time warp or something because it really doesn’t feel like my baby is one month old!

This week has yet again been full of new changes and adjustments for us Reeds. Nic has been growing still and learning more and more about his big world. Here’s the run down on some of the basics.

The hottest topic on life with a newborn continues to surprise me. Nic still has some strange sleep habits but this week we actually had a couple really good days where I felt like this could be a nice routine. He currently seems to be waking twice “in the night” which is really just him waking up to feed like he normally does during the day. He wakes around 2:30 and 5:30, give or take 30 min. But I do a dream feed at around 10:30 and again at midnight if I’m still up. His naps are hit or miss during the day at this point. They are not yet consistent. Some will be 20 min and some will be two hours. It just depends on how well I timed his wake time which seems to only be about 45 min right now. He gets very cranky if he’s overtired. I seem to be getting around 6 or 7 hours of broken sleep at night plus a very much-needed nap during the day (on a good day). That day nap really refreshes me.

He continues to eat really well and this week he’s been eating on both sides which I think helps him sleep longer.

My Healing
This week I noticed that my stitches dissolved! Hooray! That makes me happy because they were literally a pain in the butt. Every other body part seems pretty normal and back to the way it was.

-Nic has been smiling in response to certain things like my hair, oddly, and certain toys. He has certain times of the day that are super smiley. They tend to be early morning smiles.
-We went out with the stroller for the first time. Nic cried the whole time we were in the store but it had to be done at some point. Going out is still one of my biggest fears right now because there are some times when I just can’t soothe him and not being able to do that in public just makes me feel like a bad parent. So we’re taking baby steps to get brave enough to go out regularly.
-Follows objects with his eyes
-Lifts his head more and holds it

Happy first month Nic!









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