denim shirt

Casual. Polished. Trendy. A good button-up denim shirt can be all three. Layering is your best friend when it comes to any button up shirt. In this video, I make five very different outfits with the button up as the main piece. Have fun layering!


I made this baby’s breath headpiece from a youtube video. You can do the same! It was so fun and easy to make. Can you imagine a whimsical outdoor wedding with this in place of a veil?? Add it to my list of reasons to get married again! Video here

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I¬†absolutely¬†love stripes. I don’t know when the fascination started, but I have a closet full of stripes in every direction. I love the shade of this blue contrasted with the pop of yellow on the collar. And, of course, I must have my gold bracelets. Accessories are my favorite! I have a pretty bold shoe... Continue reading

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