Hey Hey! So I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart¬†stomach.¬† FOOD. I love food. Re-phrase: I love good food. Food that makes me feel good and food that makes me happy. Don’t we all! So lately I have been cooking A LOT. We’re talking pretty much double what I was... Continue reading


So today I decided to make this delicious, creamy pasta for lunch. Is it healthy?…not really (but it DOES have peas in it) Is it tasty?..oh yeah! It’s kind of like being on a rainbow while dropping spoonfuls of creamy, cheesy clouds into your mouth. The fresh sweet peas really make this dish stand out... Continue reading


We are all familiar with mayo. We know it’s unhealthy and grocery store brands are packed with some pretty gross ingredients including corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. In fact, homemade mayo only contains a few ingredients so why add all those nasty things? Oh wait, shelf life. We need products to last for 8 years... Continue reading


Just thought I’d stop by to show this delicious oatmeal that I made for myself this morning. It tastes like apple pie! It fills me right up, and that’s been hard to do lately. I’ve been so hungry these days but this warm bowl of sweet goodness is the perfect breakfast on a winter day.... Continue reading


I have been looking forward to Thanksgiving week because I love cooking and baking holiday foods. This year, we have three different Thanksgiving meals to go to (not all in the same day thankfully). It’s awesome because I get to make so many different things to bring. Plus, who wouldn’t want to re-live a Thanksgiving... Continue reading


This is all I can manage to eat today for some reason. I feel extremely bloated and just want plain flavors. Plus, I’m so low energy today so this is what I can muster up. Simple rice and smoked salmon. I can’t wait to get some energy back! I have so many things I want... Continue reading


As the weather gets warmer, I find myself baking less but still wanting dessert just as often. Banana pudding is probably one of my favorite southern, summer desserts… in addition to strawberry shortcake, cream pies….(Wait. Idea: Strawberry shortcake pops?!) Anyway! Sometimes it’s too warm to bake, sometimes I don’t want bready stuff, and sometimes I... Continue reading


Green smoothies are so underrated. You’d think that putting vegetables in a smoothie would not be the most appetizing but it’s actually really tasty. By using fresh spinach or other mild flavored veggies you can easily mask the flavor if you are not a huge vegetable fan. The best vegetables to use in smoothies are... Continue reading

Clouds. Fog. Wind. It’s days like these that really make me love northern California. I know, I know…what? But honestly, it’s when the fog is in and hides the sun rays and the wind kicks up that I can truly appreciate when it’s sunny and warm. After all, a cup of something warm is just... Continue reading

I recently went to a cafe that served quinoa in the form of oatmeal, with fresh fruits and steamed milk. I of course had to re-create it myself at home. It’s really easy and you probably already have all you need. Ingredients: 1 cup quinoa 2 cups water Sliced apples, figs, strawberries (or whatever fruits... Continue reading

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