Messy Hair Don't Care

It’s kind of been my state of mind in general lately. Not that I’ve completely let go of appearances, but I have definitely fallen into the mom trap of putting yourself very last. Days go by where I don’t brush my hair at all. There have just been so many other more important things on... Continue reading


“It gets easier.” That’s what we were told in the beginning, after bringing home Nicholas. That is what we keep hearing as sleep continues to be rough. But looking back on the past two month’s it really HAS gotten better with each week. Everyday we catch up a little more on sleep, some days less... Continue reading


Six weeks! I feel like six weeks is a milestone marker because we are now halfway to three months! We keep saying how we can’t wait for his three month birthday because of many different things we’re looking forward to; head control (for playing airplane), longer sleep periods, and at three¬†months we can begin to... Continue reading


Getting older is hard, especially when you just entered the world only 5 weeks ago. But, this week has been really good! Nic has had a couple new “firsts” this week and it’s been exciting to see him do new things. Matt and I have learned even more about Nic and realized that we can... Continue reading


Has it really been a month already?? I’m pretty sure I entered some kind of time warp or something because it really doesn’t feel like my baby is one month old! This week has yet again been full of new changes and adjustments for us Reeds. Nic has been growing still and learning more and... Continue reading


Another week bites the dust! It’s hard to believe that it’s already another week gone. I still feel like I just came home from the hospital. With the exception of course, being, I don’t feel nearly as in pain as I did three weeks ago. Hooray for healing! It’s definitely been a better week on... Continue reading


HELLO parenthood! This week we’ve felt just how real having a newborn is. Nic really showed us what crying is and in a moment of desperation, we resorted to buying this book by the “Baby Whisperer”. The content seemed to be backed up by years of experience and the methods seemed reasonable. There is one... Continue reading


Well, it’s official. I had a baby! Nicholas Jackson Reed is now a part of our family in person! We could not be more overjoyed that he is here and healthy. It’s such a blessing to be going through this time and I am just so excited to start being a mom to him. We... Continue reading

Cybex colors

When searching for a car seat, one can easily get overwhelmed with the amount of different styles, features, and prices that there are out there. I know I did. It took ¬†while and a lot of research but I finally decided on this one. Let’s be honest, pretty much every car seat out there is... Continue reading

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