So I’ve been on vacation and I’m already missing the beach and the hot sun. But, I’m enjoying getting back into the flow of life again and wanted to share this cute nail tutorial that my sister requested. Ombre anything gets me excited so when she mentioned maybe doing a nail tutorial I was like,... Continue reading


It’s every girl’s nightmare. You needed to leave the house 10 minutes ago and you can’t find those stud earrings you got from that cute boutique downtown. Panic sets in and before you know it, your bedroom has blown up in a whirlwind of clothes, overturned laundry hampers, and pillow feathers. You MUST wear these... Continue reading

Cat eye

Everyone has been rocking the cat-eye and I love how everyone has their own signature wing. When just starting out though, it can be intimidating. I remember starting out with just regular pencil eyeliner and smudging it with a brush, flaring up the ends with a flick of the brush (we all learn somehow). Then I met... Continue reading


Parties, papers, and all-nighters! Oh My! We’ve all been here, haven’t we. Late nights may lead to not-so-bright mornings, and nobody likes hearing that they look tired. While coffee is usually the fix of choice, there is also a quick and easy trick for the ladies (sorry guys). White eyeliner is a life saver when... Continue reading

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