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I absolutely love stripes. I don’t know when the fascination started, but I have a closet full of stripes in every direction. I love the shade of this blue contrasted with the pop of yellow on the collar. And, of course, I must have my gold bracelets. Accessories are my favorite! I have a pretty bold shoe... Continue reading

Micro Bead Hands Crossed

Next time you have a fancy-shmancy get together or you just want to feel extra glamorous, try this easy manicure. One finger adds interest but you can get all Gaga and do all ten for that wow factor. You will need: Micro beads-Can be found at Michael’s or other craft stores Nail polish Nail glue Base coat... Continue reading

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Use these as a garnish for desserts or simply enjoy as a snack. They do take some time to make and you must let the dry out overnight. But they are just so fun and delicious! I wonder how limes or other citrus peels would work! Thanks to Closet Cooking for the awesome recipe. Ingredients:... Continue reading

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