loose waves

Easy, quick, effortless. Three words we all want when it comes to our hair, am I right? Whether you are too busy, too tired, or too lazy (let’s just be honest) I feel like this hairstyle meets any of those. Loose waves seem to be on the heads of everyone these days, both on long... Continue reading


Today ends my Month of Healthy Hair segment! It was a great experience and I enjoyed learning along the way. I thought I’d end the segment on a few hairstyles that have been trending this summer as well as what we should start seeing this fall. Sleek Ponytail-This fall it seems to be all about... Continue reading


As this month of Healthy Hair comes to a close I want to go over some of the things I have learned on this journey. It’s been a great learning experience and I feel like I have learned a lot about how my hair behaves and what I can do to keep it healthy. My... Continue reading


It’s summertime, and even though the weather where I live is not very warm right now I still crave the laid-back summer style. As I reminisce of summers spent on the east coast I recall a little part of summer that I don’t miss. Humidity. Although I miss 80-degree days, I can’t say that I... Continue reading


Do you have naturally unmanageable hair? Do your wild curls need a straight-jacket? Do you need some life in your long, straight locks? Well, before this starts sounding like an infomercial let me start by saying not all hair is created equal. We all know this but even not all hair types are created equal.... Continue reading


Hair products. I think most could agree that there are way too ┬ámany out there and it is sometimes overwhelming just going to buy shampoo. Hopefully by this point in this segment you know your hair type and have a general idea of what products should work for your hair. If you don’t, feel free... Continue reading


Don’t you just love the sun? To me, there’s nothing better than a nice warm day at the park or beach. I love the feeling of the sun on my skin but those UV rays can really cause some damage to my hair. Our hair is protected by a keratin barrier that provides shine and... Continue reading


By now I’m sure you are well aware that our hair is mainly made up of protein; keratin to be exact. Our hair is about 90% protein so knowing the different protein types in products can really help manage any unruly problems you may be having with your hair. You may notice dry or dull-looking... Continue reading


You’ve heard it said “You are what you eat.” But is it really true? As far as health goes, it’s pretty obvious that diet is a huge part of how physically fit one is. But does food really play that much of a part when it comes to our hair? The short answer is yes.... Continue reading


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quick fix for everything? A real-life easy button? When it comes to my hair, that would nice. When our hair is damaged it shows up in some not-so-subtle ways. Split ends, frizz, and a general dullness in hair pigmentation to name a few. Not all is lost though!... Continue reading

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