DIY Wine Cork Initial Wall Decor

If you ever find yourself with too many wine corks, there are many ways to re-purpose them. I chose to make a wall hanging with mine. I love the rustic feel it gives to any room.

The only materials you’ll need are: a bunch of wine corks(my letter took about 50-75), hot glue and glue sticks(It took about 5 mini glue sticks for mine), cardboard, exacto knife or box cutter,a ruler, and a marker. I found a bag of wine corks for really cheap at an arts and crafts thrift store. If all else fails, theres always online stores like Amazon or Etsy that are most likely to have wine corks in bulk.

Step one- start out by tracing the letter onto a piece of cardboard, using a ruler to make the edges straight. Alternately, you could print out a letter onto paper and trace it onto the cardboard.

Step two- cut out your letter with an exacto knife or a box cutter. Make sure you are cutting on a cutting board or other surface that won’t get ruined by the knife.

Step three- start gluing the wine corks in place. There is really no rhyme or rhythm to this, I started at the corner of the letter but if you are feeling unsure about where to start just lay out the pieces before gluing to get an idea of what it will look like and glue as you go.

This piece makes a great addition to a baby’s room or on a living room shelf or gives shabby-chic appeal to a kitchen. Have fun and expriment!

Where would you decorate with this?

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