Hair Styling-Tips for Hair Types

Do you have naturally unmanageable hair? Do your wild curls need a straight-jacket? Do you need some life in your long, straight locks? Well, before this starts sounding like an infomercial let me start by saying not all hair is created equal. We all know this but even not all hair types are created equal. You can have one product that says “for curly hair” and have two very different curly-haired beauties use it and have totally different results. So when it comes to styling hair, I always try to go with my hair type and not do the exact opposite of what it wants to do naturally.

For example, I have naturally wavy hair with strange spiral curls here and there. When I let it dry naturally, it can look like a big mass of frizz and kinky curls. But, I’m not about to grab the straightener to make it flat as a board. I try to work with my hair’s natural ability to want to curl and so I may blow dry it with a round brush to have smooth waves, or go all out curly with the diffuser and scrunch it, or very rarely I will use a hot curling wand for ringlets. Either way, I am sticking to its natural inclination to curl. I will never straighten my hair with any product. So here are some style tips for those who want to stay in line with their natural hair type but who want to polish it a little.

Type of Hair

Curly or Wavy– This is my hair type so I have lots of ideas. Sometimes our curls just needs a little help. It has so much potential! Nobody wants frizzy curls so what they need is some guidance. Try some curling rods while your hair is damp. You can sleep in them for tight curls or use them in already dried hair that has been misted with a sea spray and left in for a few minutes for beachy waves. If you overdid it with the curling, this hair type looks great in up-dos. Because curls have so much volume, you can create a cute messy bun and just secure pieces with bobby pins or for a more polished look add a headband. For a super sleek look, curl all your hair in the same direction, brush it out, pull it over to one shoulder and carefully smooth it all down with hair spray by spraying your hand and running it over the waves. Some good tools for curly hair:


Straight– This hair type can be so chic! Lucky you! So straight hair has some great advantages, but most people desire some kind of texture for a change. If you don’t have to fight frizz when you let your hair air dry, try putting your hair in two side braids when it’s damp and let it sit for 20-30 minutes or overnight and when you take them out you have some nice waves. This can be done for a shorter time for a more subtle wave. Low ponytails are going to be on trend for Fall this year so if you have long straight hair, opt for a low and sleek ponytail. Make sure your pulled-back hair is smooth; you can use hairspray to tame fly-aways and finish it off by concealing the ponytail holder with a section of hair, wrapping it around and securing with a bobby pin. Updo’s can be very pretty on your hair type as well. If you have a foam bun-former (you can get these at any beauty supply store) you can create a perfect bun but putting your hair in a ponytail, feeding the hair through the hole and letting your hair waterfall over it and securing with a hair tie and pinning in any pieces sticking out with bobby pins. Some tools for straight hair:

Have fun playing with your hair and remember that too much force of trying to make your hair become a different texture can cause damage, especially when using heat tools. Love your hair and it will love you back!

How will you embrace your hair type when styling?

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