Hair Texture

Now that we know what the different types of hair there are, today it’s all about hair texture. Texture is the measure of the circumference of the hair strand itself, and is referred to as either fine, medium, or coarse hair. If you already know your hair texture, awesome! You are smart by the way. I wasn’t truly sure what mine was until a couple years ago. I thought for the longest time that I had thick hair. As a child, it may have appeared thick because I had very long and wild hair. But in reality, my hairs are all fine. It may be hard to identify the difference between medium and thick hair but people with fine hair, I have learned, tend to all have the same characteristics.

Fine hair tends to be very wispy and is easily blown by the wind. It can also be prone to static cling and flyaways due to it’s lightweight nature. It also is very delicate and fragile so breakage can be an issue. Fine hair usually stays pretty close to the scalp and can result in a “flat” look. In my experience, fine hair tends to hold updo’s and curl pretty well (but this is only if you have a slightly curly type hair). You can see that your ponytail is pretty small in circumference and usually takes 3 or 4 wrap-arounds with your hair tie.


Medium hair is bigger in diameter than fine hair and therefore is not as prone to breakage, static, or flatness. It tends to hold styles pretty well and covers the area of the scalp a little better than fine hair would. If you don’t feel like your hair is too sparse but it’s not quite too thick, you may have medium hair indeed. Your ponytail is slightly larger in circumference than fine {haired} ladies, and is a bit more heavy too.


Coarse hair is the largest in diameter of the three. It tends to not hold curl for very long and can be notorious for breaking hair ties (tip: use scrunchies). Tangles and knots can be a problem. If not conditioned enough, coarse hair can become straw-like. Coarse hair does usually have a lot of volume though and can handle higher amounts of heat. If you have coarse hair, your ponytail is pretty big and very heavy.


Now you should be able to identify what type and texture hair you have. This is going to make troubleshooting so much easier and you can be on your way to healthy hair. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on figuring out how dense your hair is!

So what texture hair do you have? I’d love to know!

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