Heatless Beachy Waves

So summer is quickly approaching and I’m stoked because that means a more chill way of life is approaching; vacations, bbq’s, and beachy hair! I love the beach waves look and how effortless it appears. In reality, it is pretty effortless if you have the right tools. For my hair type, the sea sprays are particularly drying and I try to stay away from them so I tried this quick little technique that will give you that beach babe look in less than 20 minutes!

These are basically pin curls but I am using pinch clips. For me, I really should have left them in for only about 10 minutes, because I have fine hair that dries really quickly. The longer you leave these pins in, the tighter the curl will be. Also note that the amount of water will determine how long it will take. Use a very fine mist of water when spraying and make sure the hair is not too wet. You can always use the hair dryer on cool if you really need to hurry up, but keep in mind that it may cause frizz.

Check out my video of the process Here

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