What I’m eating today

This is all I can manage to eat today for some reason. I feel extremely bloated and just want plain flavors. Plus, I’m so low energy today so this is what I can muster up. Simple rice and smoked salmon.
I can’t wait to get some energy back! I have so many things I want to do. Today I scheduled an appointment with a gastroentologist. I really feel like I am developing a food allergy because I am constantly dealing with digestive issues. I have been for years and I think pregnancy is exacerbating it. It makes it especially hard being pregnant because I really don’t feel like I can eat much and have to limit my diet to avoid stomach pain but I know I need to be eating more. So far it seems like everything I eat is bothering me. Even fruit and veggies are causing extreme bloating and pain. I just want to get to the bottom of it because it’s been going on for years so hopefully I will be able to get some tests done soon. Other than embarrassing digestive issues, it was a good weekend. Here is a belly shot. It’s getting bigger and I’m not sure if it’s just bloating or what. Seems way to soon to show this much. I wonder if anyone else has experienced showing this soon?


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