Third Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

In my video on my third trimester pregnancy essentials I talked a little more in detail about these items listed. I hope some of them are helpful for you during your third trimester! Let me know your third trimester essentials!

Products I’ve recently bought that I use almost daily:

Shoe inserts: These Dr. Scholl’s ball of foot inserts have been a lifesaver for my feet and all the extra weight they have supported.

Washable breast pads for leaking. I have had enough leakage for me to want these little guys. I know that I will be able to use them during nursing too. They are super soft, don’t itch, and stay put in your bra.

Bravado Nursing Bra- I think I may have mentioned the wrong bra in my video but this one is actually called the Essential Embrace Nursing Bra. I like this one because it looks like it’ll get the job done and has some extra little bells and whistles like extra clips, four rows of clasps in the back, and a bra extender. Very comfy!

Sweet almond oil- I like that this oil has zero scent, is food grade, and comes in a giant bottle! I use this everyday on my belly, boobs, face, thighs, everywhere! It’s light enough to wear everyday and won’t stain clothes yet thick enough for my super dry skin. It’s a lifesaver in the third trimester.

Other helpful reminders during this trimester:

  • Remember to drink lots of water! It really helps for braxton hicks contractions and is just necessary the further along you get for keeping dizzy spells away and overall well-being.
  • Find a few jersey skirts that you can wear high-waisted. They are soft and comfortable if you are having trouble with waistbands. Wear it right under your boobs with a tucked in blouse, it’s way comfy! Any empire waist cotton or jersey dress is easy to dress up or down as well
  • Start thinking about what bag you will use for your hospital bag. I just chose one that I already had with a large zipper and pocket on the outside.
  • Pamper yourself a little with treats like a manicure, pedicure, or better yet a full-body prenatal massage. You will fell amazing, I promise.
  • Swim for backaches or any pain from loose joints
  • Get yourself something that will make you feel great after delivery like a cute pair of undies, some nail polish, or a new dress that is flattering to your yet again, new shape. Keep it in the bag or box and stow it away for the day when you need a pick me up weeks after delivery.
  • Think about what you want to wear during labor and delivery in the hospital. Do you want to bring your own clothes or wear the hospital stuff. I wear nightgowns to sleep pretty much every night so I’ll be bring a couple darker colored ones.

Websites that I found helpful during the third trimester:– Great website for getting baby name inspiration. You can search by name, origin, meaning, and tons more.– A great website for sleepwear yet a little more luxury (maybe a gift for yourself to wear after delivery)– As always, Amazon continues to be a great source of products this trimester. If you haven’t gone prime yet, do it! It’s worth it for the convenience and not having to worry about going out to the store during those first precious weeks of meeting your newborn! nursing bras and clothing, and where the “fast-food” bra is from that I mentioned in my video.




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  • Veselina

    I know you have been quite some time ago in this situation, but I am now!! And have been amazed to read your statements on the nausea, because I also find the same general information that you have found, e.g. morning sickness and diziness, but never as what I experience – a whole day long comings and goings..
    Excuse me so much, I did not present myself! My name is Veselina Pekala! I would love to contact you, as I am a mother-to-be in abroad and I actually know noone here, since we moved 3 months ago! I find great deal of similarities between you and me and I am so happy I found you! Looking at your videos and pictures, not only about pregnancy, but all the essence of your simple and gorgeous website, makes me experience some kind of calmness, so.. I know it is late for my nausea-compation, but you have it and I also wanted to add thank you! Just for this thiny web-space of calmness, colour and sunlight :)))))