Week 33 Bump Shots


My goodness, what a hot week it was. We had about three days of around 80 degrees here and I know it sounds like I’m being a pregnant diva but it was JUST. TOO. HOT.

You see, here in San Francisco we don’t have ac in our homes or anywhere else really so when it gets to be 80 degrees inside, it just feels like there is no escape. It’s also just as bad that my body is so conditioned to such a small range of weather that’s somewhere between 60-70 degrees that anything outside of that range throws it off completely. I got a headache that lasted for the three days and nothing was taking it away. Seriously, how do you women do it in places that actually have a whole summer of heat?? Three days was enough for me and I thought I was going to die! Ok, end rant. It was hot, the end.

In home organization news, things are coming along nicely. I’ll be posting some pics later and maybe even do a tour of the “nursery” which is just basically our bedroom with a crib in it. It’s been fun getting everything situated though and I’m so thankful for my husband who has been doing so much! Here are some snapshots from the week and of course, the belly!

The making of a “rainbow bookcase”
My attempt at decorating shelves.

IMG_2569 IMG_2574 IMG_2576 IMG_2578 IMG_2579 IMG_2580


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  • Veselina

    I know you have been quite some time ago in this situation, but I am now!! And have been amazed to read your statements on the nausea, because I also find the same general information that you have found, e.g. morning sickness and diziness, but never as what I experience – a whole day long comings and goings..
    Excuse me so much, I did not present myself! My name is Veselina Pekala! I would love to contact you, as I am a mother-to-be in abroad and I actually know noone here, since we moved 3 months ago! I find great deal of similarities between you and me and I am so happy I found you! Looking at your videos and pictures, not only about pregnancy, but all the essence of your simple and gorgeous website, makes me experience some kind of calmness, so.. I know it is late for my nausea-compation, but you have it and I also wanted to add thank you! Just for this thiny web-space of calmness, colour and sunlight :)))))