Week Two Postpartum

HELLO parenthood!

This week we’ve felt just how real having a newborn is. Nic really showed us what crying is and in a moment of desperation, we resorted to buying this book by the “Baby Whisperer”. The content seemed to be backed up by years of experience and the methods seemed reasonable. There is one in particular, the E.A.S.Y method (eat, activity, sleep, you) which we really got excited to try out. We tried it for a couple of days, feeding Nic every few hours and attempting to put him down for his naps without the breast, which was the most tiring and frustrating part. He just won’t go to sleep without the breast and it’s very difficult to do that everytime.

So, after talking to the pediatrician we decided that this E.A.S.Y method is not for us, at least, not yet. Nic is just too young I think and needs to have a warm body next to him when he sleeps and he needs to sometimes go to sleep at the breast. The pediatrician said to just feed on demand for now and don’t worry about how long it’s been since he last ate or slept. So we’re just trying to follow his sleep cues and feed whenever he needs to for now and it’s been a much better week.

Milestones this week:
-Nic gained another pound
-Started seeing some smiles
-Skin flakes are mostly gone

-Had his first store experience (Babies R Us)

-First July Fourth! (we didn’t even go anywhere but we dressed him up a little)

-We finally chose a stroller so we can now go out

My Recovery:

-Stitches still haven’t dissolved, but less pain

-Boobs are feeling much better since I stopped pumping

-Still can’t control the muscle very well so sometimes pee myself :(

-All pregnancy weight is definitely gone so I’m working on gaining to be at a healthier weight. Breast feeding burns so many calories and Nic’s schedule makes it hard to eat to be able to make up for the lost calories.






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