We’re Going to Japan! +26 Week Bump Shots

I can’t even describe how excited I am to be getting on a plane to go to Japan, again! This will be our fourth time traveling to Japan and this time it feels so different because it’s a vacation. Every other time we’ve been it’s been on some kind of mission and those were great times, but there’s something different about actually visiting a place rather than going to work. I’m just really excited because Japan has such a calm about it that Matt and I have never really had the opportunity to fully experience. We’ve grabbed bits and pieces of it but this time we want to really experience it. Cherry Blossom season is in full swing there and it’s just magical, you must experience it to understand. It’s like the whole country is doing the same thing and just enjoying nature, taking it all in to the fullest. Here in America, we don’t have anything like it. There is just no time where we really take a break to view nature. I’m so looking forward to it!

On the pregnancy side of things, everything is going well and I got another green light from my Doctor to go on this trip so that is reassuring. Week 26 was busy prepping for the trip so my mind was a little preoccupied from pregnancy. But, little man is still growing and moving about. I have been all about fruit juices and fruit snacks this week. Not sure if it’s a craving but I guess it could be considered one. I usually try to stay away from fruit juices and high sugar fruits themselves because fructose is pretty much the worst sugar for our bodies in terms of how much it spikes our blood sugar so I’m trying to keep an eye on how much I drink/eat. But a little here and there is ok I think! Besides, I probably won’t be eating that much fruit or sugar in Japan. Anyway, here are some shots of this week’s belly-boy!

IMG_2126 IMG_2128 IMG_2131 IMG_2133 IMG_2136 IMG_2142

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  • Veselina

    I know you have been quite some time ago in this situation, but I am now!! And have been amazed to read your statements on the nausea, because I also find the same general information that you have found, e.g. morning sickness and diziness, but never as what I experience – a whole day long comings and goings..
    Excuse me so much, I did not present myself! My name is Veselina Pekala! I would love to contact you, as I am a mother-to-be in abroad and I actually know noone here, since we moved 3 months ago! I find great deal of similarities between you and me and I am so happy I found you! Looking at your videos and pictures, not only about pregnancy, but all the essence of your simple and gorgeous website, makes me experience some kind of calmness, so.. I know it is late for my nausea-compation, but you have it and I also wanted to add thank you! Just for this thiny web-space of calmness, colour and sunlight :)))))