Month Of Healthy Skin-Conceal

I can hardly believe that this is the last week of my month of healthy skin journey. It went by so fast and I feel like my skin has seen some good improvements. By now you should know your skin type and hopefully have a skin routine for cleansing. If you had some problems with your skin, I hope you are understanding how to heal yourself from the inside out. This week I will be discussing a few products you can use to conceal, correct, and even a DIY project. I am looking forward to ending this segment with better and healthier skin!

There are many different options for concealing blemishes, redness, or other problems. And, of course, depending on your skin type there are lots of options available for each person. People with normal skin can benefit from a liquid or cream concealer while others with combination or oily skin might need something that is water based. Still, people with dry skin should not use any type of cream-to-powder because of dryness that comes from powders. So, from what you know about your own skin, you should be able to determine which is right for you.

Tomorrow I will be comparing the different types of concealers for different issues. Stay tuned to find your perfect concealer!

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