It’s been a year since I did my Month of Healthy Skin special segment and my was it an eye-opener! I learned so much about skin and was even able to clear up some weird acne I had going on. I learned that a regular, everyday routine was key to keeping my skin healthy and... Continue reading


So summer is quickly approaching and I’m stoked because that means a more chill way of life is approaching; vacations, bbq’s, and beachy hair! I love the beach waves look and how effortless it appears. In reality, it is pretty effortless if you have the right tools. For my hair type, the sea sprays are... Continue reading

You know when you see a picture in a magazine of perfect flowy curls, or straight and sleek locks and then go home to re-create but are left with a frizzy mess and heat tool burns all over? Yeah, no fun. Well, I’m not here to tell you the secret to getting perfect curls or... Continue reading

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