Your Best Hair, Now!

You know when you see a picture in a magazine of perfect flowy curls, or straight and sleek locks and then go home to re-create but are left with a frizzy mess and heat tool burns all over? Yeah, no fun. Well, I’m not here to tell you the secret to getting perfect curls or sleek hair. But, I will talk about how to embrace the hair you were given and which hairstyles compliment certain hair types. I think the best thing you can do for yourself is first determine your hair type: is it on the fine side or the coarse side? A lot of people will say that they have “thin” hair. But one look will tell me that they truly don’t have thin, but “fine” hair. Fine hair is actually smaller in diameter than coarse hair. Thin hair means that you are actually losing your hair. If you have wide parts in your hair when you part it, or patches where there seems to be no hair, then you may have thinning hair. If that’s the case, you may want to check your diet. Fine hair, on the other hand has much different characteristics. Fine hair tends to be very soft, kind of how the hair on a baby’s head would feel. Fine hair also has a hard time holding style in high wind and is sometimes burdened by static cling. So, first determine if you truly have fine or coarse hair, then you will know what to do with the other characteristic, which is texture.

Fine (and/or thinning) Hair
Cut: Pixie, Layered
Length: Just below shoulder at the longest
Tools/products: No heat, fine-misted hairspray, volumizing mousse, accessories such as headbands

If you have this kind of hair then you are constantly running into volume issues, I know because this is my hair type. Your hair usually curls well, but the slightest bit of wind can cause a huge problem. The hair is not bulky enough to hold styles for very long. The best way to wear your hair  is up or curled. Fine hair is also super susceptible to damage so less is more with this type of hair. If you do use a heat tool, please use a heat protectant first! Fine hair needs to be handled carefully. Try using a heat-less form of curling the hair such as rollers or rag curls overnight for maximum length of curl hold. In the morning, apply a very fine misted hairspray such as L’oreal Elnett. The fine mist pairs well with fine hair because it just sits on top of the style without weighting it down and becoming crunchy.

For an up-do, try using a bun-former. It’s a donut shaped sponge that goes in your hair and gives the illusion that you have a lot of hair. You can get it from any Sally or other beauty supply store. You simply put your hair in a ponytail, pull the bun former through the ponytail and wrap the hair around and secure with bobby pins. You can do an elegant low bun or a fun ballerina style high bun on the top of the head. Don’t forget to add hair accessories to play it up a bit!

And, of course, there are always the wonderful clip in extensions. I love using extensions to thicken up my hair. If you are in the market for great quality extensions, try Luxy Hair. They are a great company with great customer service and you will be very happy with the product.

*Extra note: Fine hair should never have a razor used on it. It will create unbearable frizz and static in the winter. Scissors only. If a hairstylist comes near you with a razor to better “frame your face,” run for it!

Fine and Thick
Best cut: Long layers, scissors only
Best Length: Below-shoulder to Mid-back
Best tools/products: Large round bristle brush, Mousses, Fine Misted Hairspray

This type of hair is a step up from the fine/thin hair type-in regards to how much you can do with it. You find that frizz can be a problem often so you grab frizz taming products, only to find that an hour later, your hair is flat. Since you have fine hair, and a lot of it, you have the potential of having a really pretty head of curls. It just takes a little work. If time is an issue, roll your hair while it’s damp at night in soft curlers or sock curls. Make sure the hair is just barely damp though, not just-out-of-the-shower wet. Unroll in the morning and finger comb the hair and use a strong hold hairspray. Again, a fine mist spray is best. You will have volume for the whole day and your curls will last just as long.

For a straight-sleek look with volume, blow dry the hair in the opposite direction of hair growth using the styling flat tool on your hairdryer and a large round brush.  After it’s all dry, rub a small amount of frizz taming cream in between palms and apply from the middle of your head-down, avoiding bangs if you have them. The hair closest to your scalp doesn’t need extra oil. Try not to let the product touch the scalp if possible.

Everyone wants those beachy, loose waves that are seemingly simple. They are simple…if you have wavy hair. If you do, then you should use it to your advantage. Even though we all want what we don’t have, it’s really best to work with what you have. There is less screaming at your heat tools that way. If you have naturally wavy hair, you might not complain that much, because it’s kind of in between curly and straight so you have a lot of options. It doesn’t take you as long to curl your hair and it is easy to straighten as well. But still, you have some issues. Frizz and tangling can be a couple big ones. The best thing about wavy hair is that you can pull off some looks that would look plain messy on any other hair type. You can scrunch wet hair with a styling wax for those beachy waves or use a heat tool for curls. I think wavy hair is best worn down with as little styling as possible. If you have this type of hair, you probably get complimented a lot on your natural locks. Try wet-braiding or crimping clips for a different approach to your natural waves. Tight crimps may be lost in the 80’s but loose, long crimps are very modern.

If you have curly hair, you either love it or you want to pull it all out. This love-hate relationship only gets more aggressive when you try to go against it’s natural instincts. Curly hair needs to be allowed to be curly. I know you want to use the flat iron on it, but you simply must try to work with it. If your curls are ringlets or spirals, you really need to try to not use any heat on it. After washing it, put a de-tangling cream throughout and let air dry. Curly hair also looks amazing up. If you want a little more pizzaz to your curls, use a pretty headband or large floral brooch.Curly hair and accessories go together like vampires and sparkles. Now go be beautiful!

Oh, the straight hair dilemma! If you have this texture hair, then you most likely feel like you can’t do anything with it and you desperately want beautiful, bouncy curls but your hair just doesn’t hold it. Let’s think for a minute of all you CAN do with straight hair though. Straight hair is at it’s chicest when it is all one length-middle back to waist, and adding thick bangs only makes it better. Straight hair is also at it’s best when it’s very well taken care of. You should do deep conditioning treatments often for maximum shine, especially if you color it. Straight hair looks amazing when it is all one color, but depending on your texture, can also look great with subtle highlights. There are so many different styles you can create with naturally straight hair as well. Try a fishtail braid or a 4-strand braid for a fun alternative to the regular side braid. Ballerina buns are almost effortless with straight hair too.

You can use all the tools and products in the world on your hair, but the main thing your hair really needs is to be nourished from the inside. Make sure you are drinking lots of water, get omega fatty acids in your system, and eat your fruits and vegetables. Health plays a major role int he upkeep of your hair. Be healthy and be beautiful!

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