Month Of Healthy Skin-Repairing Masks

Face masks are great for the skin, especially if you have problem areas or concerns. There are some fruits and vegetables that are great for not only our health but the health of our skin. Let’s look at the wonderful benefits of different face masks.

Dry Skin- Any face mask you can find with oatmeal or oat milk will provide the moisture that is lacking in dry skin. Also try masks with soothing ingredients like rose water, chamomile, or peppermint. Healthy fatty oils like that from avocado’s provide much needed moisture as well.

Oily Skin-Over-productive oil glands need to be calmed by a face mask that will soak up excess oil. Try a clay based as it will go down into the pores and soak up all the oil. If you have acne-prone skin try a mask with tea tree oil or garlic.

Sensitive- If you are having some irritation or redness, try a calming face mask that includes nourishing ingredients like honey, seaweed, or lavender (for anti-septic agents).

Aging-Search for masks that have invigorating ingredients like kiwi, lemon, or witch hazel to brighten dull looking skin. Fruits with high antioxidant content, like blueberries, will help with sallow skin as well.

Always remember to exfoliate and then tone before applying a mask for maximum nutrient penetration. I’m sure you’re due for a pampering facial day anyway…


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