Month of Healthy Skin-Hydration

When it comes to having healthy skin, proper hydration is the most important factor in my opinion. Since water makes up a large percentage of our body, we should really be drinking more of it. The amount of water an individual needs in a day is really dependent upon how much they weigh. Just divide your weight in half and whatever that number is, that is how many ounces you should be drinking a day. So if you weight 150 pounds, you should be drinking about 75 ounces of water. It may sound like a lot and it is hard to remember sometimes, but it’s so very important-especially on the road to healthier skin.

For me, it was hard to remember to drink water constantly. I think I was probably drinking about 20 ounces a day at most of water. That was just not enough, so I actually have an app on my phone that reminds me every hour and a half to drink water and record the amount that I drink. When you start to keep track of how much water you drink, keep in mind that you shouldn’t be recording that diet coke or even some fruit juices because the amount of sugar in those drinks may cancel out the water content, since sugar dehydrates the body. I do count the herbal teas that I drink however, because I don’t put sugar in those teas.

It may not seem like water does much for the skin but it actually plays a huge part in the formation of new skin cells. Skin cells are made everyday and it’s important for the new ones to be able to have a nice foundation. Drinking water helps keep the skin looking plump and firm. Not only does water do wonders for the skin, but it also allows for other functions, like digestion, to run smoothly. Bottom line-our skin is the lagest organ in our body and has so many functions to protect us daily so grab your largest water bottle and get gulping!




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    Hi Christina, Can you share some of your meal plans?