Month Of Healthy Skin-Deep Clean

Sometimes our hands and soap or a washcloth just don’t cut it. Sometimes we need something that will go a little deeper into the pores to clean them out, especially if you are prone to breakouts. I’ve had the joy of using the Clarisonic and I am really enjoying it.

What it is

It’s basically a giant electronic toothbrush…for your face! Seriously, the people that made the electric toothbrush made this. You may have heard of people doing a toothbrush lip exfoliation with the electric toothbrushes. It’s basically the same idea. The brush head spins at such a high rate, higher than we could ever do with our hands or a washcloth. So it makes it so that your pores are getting completely unclogged and cleaned out. The thing that struck me most is that the majority of people, myself included before I found out, are not washing their face for long enough to get all the junk off our faces that we expose them to everyday. The Clarisonic has a timer that will pause to let you know it’s time to move on to another spot on the face. It focuses on each cheek, chin, and nose/forehead. You spend some time on each area to a total of 60 seconds. We all have 60 seconds!

What It Isn’t

The Clarisonic is not supposed to be substituted as an exfoliator. It is a deep cleansing system. You still need to be exfoliating separately from this. It does not get rid of any fine lines. It may help your anti-wrinkle cream penetrate deeper but the Clarisonic itself will not prevent fine lines. Basically it is just another step in your skincare routine and should not take the place of any of the main steps I mentioned here other than the physical washing. You still need to use a cleanser with the Clarisonic.


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    Hi Christina, Can you share some of your meal plans?