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It’s summertime, and even though the weather where I live is not very warm right now I still crave the laid-back summer style. As I reminisce of summers spent on the east coast I recall a little part of summer that I don’t miss. Humidity. Although I miss 80-degree days, I can’t say that I miss the 200 percent humidity that made it feel like 120 outside. So when it comes to summer hair, for most of the United States it’s hot right now and that probably means the last thing you want are hot, sticky curls cascading down your back. So here are some styles to beat the heat:

Braids– I think braids are the best way to keep your hair out of the way on hot days. With so many different varieties you could probably do a different braid every day this summer; snake braid anyone?

Updos– For anyone with shoulder-length or longer hair you are probably putting your hair up as much as possible. Messy buns can be a cute way to add to a relaxed outfit. Pretty much any way you put your hair up can be more exciting with some kind of accessory, be it a fresh flower or a headband. Or, you could wrap a braid into a low bun and pin in place with bobby pins.

Beach Waves– So this hairstyle might not be the greatest for keeping you cool but it’s just not summer without messy, beachy waves! It may not be practical for those with super long hair to wear it during the day, but for cooler summer nights this is the perfect hairstyle. For quick beach waves, spray your hair with a detangler lightly. Then take about 2-inch sections and start wrapping it around two fingers. Pin in place with bobby pins (much like a pin curl). Put all of your hair in these curls and leave in for about 10 minutes. After you take all of the pins out you should have loose waves. Try not to touch them too much if you are prone to frizz. Just lightly spray with hair spray and you’re finished!

Cute hair doesn’t have to come at the expense of heat exhaustion. Get creative with accessories and don’t be afraid of a little unruly pieces of hair. Let your hair be a little messy because hey, it’s summer!

What are some of your favorite hairstyles for summer?

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