Month Of Healthy Skin Before and After

During my Month Of Healthy Skin, I learned so many things about skin heath, products, and general skincare routines that I really feel like I have this new found sense of achievement. When you learn about something to the point of being able to help others, it’s a great feeling. I hope the last month was helpful to others in some way. The things I learned are things I have incorporated into my routine and I think I will continue to use it for the rest of my life! All the things I discussed in the posts, I actually did myself and I really saw some great results. I wanted to do a brief overview of the month and show some before and after results and links to where you could find any posts you may have missed.

During the first week I talked about how our health and diet affect our skin. I talked about hydration, vitamins, foods to eat, sugar’s role, and exercise.

In the second week I learned about how we can protect our skin. I talked about our different environments, sunscreen, sleep, exfoliation, moisturizing, mishandling skin, and developing a skincare routine.

Week three was devoted to coping with the different problems we encounter with our skin and how to correct them. Dryness, oily/combination, and acne prone skin were the main players.

The last week I talked about all the wonderful products out there to make our skin healthier and more beautiful. There are times when you need to cover blemishes and a time for going all out glam so I discussed some ways to use the different products. I talked about concealer, choosing a concealer, Clarisonic, DIY body wash, eye brighteners, face masks, BB Cream, and colored concealer.



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    Hi Christina, Can you share some of your meal plans?