Our First Week

Well, it’s official. I had a baby! Nicholas Jackson Reed is now a part of our family in person! We could not be more overjoyed that he is here and healthy. It’s such a blessing to be going through this time and I am just so excited to start being a mom to him.

We had a full week! After returning home from the hospital there was just so much that was new to us and so much that we didn’t expect to happen. For one, Nic wasn’t liking this whole sleeping thing too much and so every night for the first few nights he would not want to go to sleep. He would feed and feed all day and sleep well during the day for a couple of hours at a time but when it came time to actually go to bed around 11, he would just want to feed and be up. It was really so brief though looking back at the weekend and early week because now, at the end of the week, he is going to sleep from about midnight to 4am (which is actually so awesome) and then again from 7am to 10am. I think the first few nights I got around two hours of sleep for the whole night so this is a blessing! We hope to get him to go to sleep sooner but we’re still trying to figure out what we want our routine to look like. I kind of like waking up super early in the morning though.

Milestones this week:

-Umbilical cord falling off

-Circumcision healed nicely

-First pediatrician visit and weight gain

-Nic taking a bottle of pumped breast milk at night (Matt gives him so I can sleep)

-Started sitting him upright in a chair (with lots of pillows)

-First bath (which he hated)

My Recovery:

-Stitches from a small tear have been healing slowly, but surely

-Have been getting headaches from lack of sleep

-Having a little bit of a hard time getting in enough calories to keep up with breast feeding from busyness

-Breast milk came in on third day

-Have dropped 21 out of 27 gained pounds

Overall, we are just so thrilled to have Nicholas here and can’t believe that he is no longer in my tummy. We keep staring at him in awe and just love all of his little noises and movements. He’s our little prince and I just want to squeeze him all the time! I know that life is never going back to the way it was but I am actually excited for that. I mean, I was obviously ready for a huge change in my life by wanting this and so here goes!

Just a few pictures of the week, mainly of Nic and of course the (non) belly shot.



bringing nic home



sleepy reedsIMG_2962IMG_0078IMG_0069IMG_0073

IMG_3021 IMG_3022




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